Little Toko (Airbnb) in Utrecht

Amsterdam to Utrecht

Posted by Umair Abbasi on July 15, 2017 in Travel

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We didn't reach our Tiny Toko (Airbnb) place till about 2 a.m. There are quite the few over coffee stories here to be told. Sorry, there are chunks I just have to leave behind.

When we woke up in the morning and stepped outside to breathe in the fresh Urecht air, we knew, this is a special place. And special it was.

We met our Airbnb host Juliette. She was amazing! She helped us with figuring out transportation, highly encouraged us to check out their town in Utrecht, which we did. If you ever make it as far as Amsterdam I would highly encourage checking out Utrecht. It's like Amsterdam minus all the touristy population.

Morning jog in Utrecht

Morning jog in Utrecht

Utrecht is clean, polite, beautiful, social, and yes, they have coffee bars. We were walking around town on a Sunday afternoon. The streets were filled with laughter of children playing, strangers having joyous moments over lunch, folks shopping, the selfie-holics, and the beautiful canals with canal side benches to have long meaningful conversations.

It's special. It felt special. Definitely a will come back and visit place. A personal moment for me was spotting a large beautiful mosque in the city while on our bus ride back to the train station. It made a special place for me perfect.

Mosque in Utrecht

Mosque in Utrecht


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