Apple Macbook 12in Space Gray Review

Posted by Umair Abbasi on Aug. 16, 2015 in Technology

The Apple macbook takes a little getting used to the first day or so but after the initial honeymoon period it turns into the device of choice.

Its the best piece of technology I have used for web development and other non-hardcore tasks like listening to music, browsing, e-mail, etc.

The keyboard is magic to type on. One thing you have to know about the keyboard is that the spacing between the keys is not the same as the keyboards on all other Apple keyboards. They are a little closer to each other. Hence the day or so of getting used to. Your fingers need to re-learn typing on the keyboard, such was true in my case.

The weight is perfect. Lightness that begs you to continuously use it.

The space gray is my favorite color of choice. Don’t think twice. Go for the space gray unless you are the gold type.

The screen is beautiful. I find it even more pleasant than my 15in MacbookPro from work.

Processing isn’t a concern. I have had quite a few tabs running on multiple browsers, Spotify, Solo2 wireless connected via bluetooth, transmit, sublime text 2, and the macbook just functioned smoothly.

Highly recommended. If you are on the fence between a 1.2GHZ with the 512GB SSD or the 1.3GHZ with 256GB SSD. I would recommend the 1.2GHZ with 512GB SSD. The extra 100MHZ isn’t going to spin the planet any faster.

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