AViiQ Laptop Stand Review

Posted by Umair Abbasi on Dec. 28, 2011 in Technology

So I recently learned about AViiQ, manufacturer of the world’s thinnest laptop stand. I did the usual research (search the manufacturers site,  watched their videos, and did the Google search for reviews on the stand). The reviews were really positive, and decided this might work out to be a great gift for myself and the wife.

So step 2, search and see if there might be a coupon out there. Luckily there were a few. I came across one that was expiring in Feb 2011, which was basically a buy one get one free offer.

Step 3 – Write a review for the stand. So here goes…

The packaging is fantastic. The outer packaging is pretty fitted around the inner packaging so it’s a bit difficult to get to the inner packaging without losing your patience and tearing into it.

But the inner packaging is very cool. Very professionally done. When they say thin, they mean thin!

Having used it for quite some time now, I would say my first impressions are, hmmm. My 17″ Macbook Pro sits fine on the stand when set on a table. On the lap it’s a different story. When the 17″ is placed on this stand, there is about a bit more than 2 inches of base at the bottom of the laptop on either side that the laptop isn’t supported.

Also I occasionally have the fear of the laptop flipping over from the top of the stand due to the weight of the laptop and the lack of support for the laptop in that area. Basically the laptop ends up sitting just a bit below the support pads on the stand so as to avoid flipping over.

On the positive side the stand is super thin and light weight. It folds easily into less than half it’s size hence traveling with it is super easy and fun. It allows air ventilation below your laptop during those cpu intensive tasks and keeps your lap from feeling the heat.

I have posted an extensive array of pictures. I find it hard to recommend the stand unless you are going to end up using it for a 13-15in Macbook. For the 17″ I would advise looking elsewhere.

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