Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 vs Cosmos S

Posted by Umair Abbasi on May 4, 2008 in Technology

I built my hackintosh PC with the Cooler Master 1000 casing and am still loving it. It is a solid build both quality and looks wise, with nice little touches inside the case. And then came the Cooler Master S. With the level of satisfaction I had with the Cosmos 1000 I only assumed that the newer model Cosmos S would just increase the experience to the next level which is what compelled me to go ahead and make the purchase. I still had a few days remaining on my return policy on the Cosmos 1000, so getting rid of it was not a problem.

The Cosmos S arrived at my door step nicely packaged in its box with the brown sack holding the casing inside. Seeing just the addition in packaging to the previous Cosmos I had further started anticipating the casing to be a thing of wonder. After 2 hours of transferring my components from my old case to the new one I was ready to power it up. With all the cables connected to the back of the computer and ready to experience the casing in all its glory, click. That was it. A few more clicks, rubs against the touch sensitive power button the computer would refuse to power up. Luckily the Intel Bad Axe 2 comes with a manual power on button on the motherboard via which I was able to power up my computer. That was issue 1.

Issue 2 was even though the casing was lighter than the Cosmos 1000 and the black color with the red touches gave it a sporty look, the fine touches of class that I found inside the Cosmos 1000 were apparently missing in the Cosmos S. The Cosmos 1000 has white rubber like material around the edges through which the cables pass so as to prevent cutting them and even at the same time prevent you from cutting yourself. Secondly the dust filters included with the Cosmos 1000 on the back and the cooling fan on bottom were both not present in the Cosmos S. Here are a few more things to consider:

  • On the 1000 when you raise the lever at the back the side panel pops out a bit. This one it doesn’t, you actually have to pry your finger in a bit
  • Took the tape off from the handle bars on the Cosmos S and the paint came off
  • The Cosmos S does not come with the cool box with tools, cable ties that come with the 1000
  • The side panels on the Cosmos S are so much harder to put on, and when you do manage to get one in, it sounds like something is breaking. Scratched the corner of the casing easily just because the panel will not go in easily

After playing with the Cosmos S for a day I decided to return it and keep my Cosmos 1000, which I feel has the better built, look, experience than the Cosmos S.

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