Cracking the Apple TV with Steve Jobs Part 1

Posted by Umair Abbasi on Nov. 19, 2013 in Technology

Disclaimer: This blog is not endorsed by Apple Inc. or Steve Jobs in anyway. It’s a thought, an idea that may have some revolutionary implications. Part 1 of the blog describes the idea of revolutionizing online purchasing. Only it’s from your TV set. Stick with me and read on through the thought process.

What if there was a credit card slot on your TV?

For instance imagine watching your favorite TV show and on comes this AD. Purchase your favorite t-shirt, that one t-shirt you have to have. Only it’s half off. All you have to do is slide your credit card on the slot in the corner of your TV. Your purchase will be processed by your credit card provider and the item will be delivered to your doorstep. Now I know what you are thinking. Logistical questions, technology questions, how will the slot connect with the provider, how will it know which TV AD you swiped your card, etc. Don’t go there. Stick with me.

What if you could tap your credit card on your TV?

The thought process involved into tapping. What if you could just tap your credit card on your TV instead of having to slide it through a slot on the TV. That would be cool. That can make things easier.

What if you could purchase anything you are watching on the TV?

Lets say your favorite movie is playing and you eye ball these pair of shoes the actor/actress has on. What if you could tap your card on the screen to what you would like to buy. The shoes, jacket, a table, or whatever it may be. It’s going places isn’t it. Yes, I know what about timing, you have to jump off the couch and tap at the right moment. It’s the logistics again. Let those go. Stick with it and read on.

What if Apple reverse mirrored your TV to your iOS device?

So currently whatever you are viewing on your iOS device can be mirrored to your TV via Apple’s Airplay and Apple TV device. What if it could reverse mirror it to an app on your iOS device. Now all you have to do is pull up that show you are watching on the app and tap with your fingers on that shoe, table, or whatever it may be. You tap it on the iOS devices and it pops up with a short description and a price. You can instantly purchase it via your iTunes store account. And since all your credit card information, your shipping address is already stored on the iTunes store account all you have to do is tap buy now and you are done. The shipment is on its way.

This can change advertising on TV. You can instantly buy a product being advertised conveniently by just pulling it up on the app and tapping to buy it. TV advertising could have a different meaning to it. A movie fashion producer can sell their outfits instantly within the movie via the app if they would like to. You could buy that shirt right off Brad Pitt (for a premium ofcourse). Or even buy that song playing as a soundtrack in the movie by pulling the app up and selecting music as an option to purchase.

Credit: Would like to thank and acknowledge Jennifer Erickson’s contribution to the thought process. We got together and thought the idea out loud and felt there might be something there.

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