Grado RS2e Reference Series Headphones

Grado RS2e Reference Series Headphones Review

Posted by Umair Abbasi on Feb. 23, 2018 in Music

Grado RS2e Reference Series Headphones

Quick Notes

  • Wired headphones.
  • 1/4 inch adapter included.
  • On-ear.
  • Cable not user replaceable.

The Good

  • They look amazing!
  • They are loud even without an amp.
  • Love the feel and color of the soft leather.
  • Pure sound as intended by the artist.

My Personal Take

I need the Bass.

There just isn't enough Bass to my personal liking. Yes you can adjust the equalizer on your audio hardware/software but despite those adjustments these headphones refuse to turn up the bass. Some songs have a little oomph, others barely any. Tried via Spotify subscription streaming at extreme, iTunes Music Apple Lossless Audio, no bass!

Comfort Level

They hurt. They are on-ear and I find myself constantly adjusting them on my ear so my ears won't hurt. Tried different things. Loosening them up. Sitting them on the ear a different way. No help. Please note though, this is my personal take, my ears. Others might just have stronger ears compared to mine.

The Leather Band

The touch of the leather is so soft and smooth. The color is perfect! They do react to the oils on your head, especially if you are bald.

Grado RS2e Reference Series Headphones

Open Back

They are open back. When you turn these up past half-way the volume setting everyone around you will be listening to your music. So if you are planning on using them traveling everyone is guaranteed to be listening to your music.


I would love to compare these to RS1e. Some folks online have said that the RS1e have a little more bass than the RS2e.

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