HostGator Review, Its Personal!

Posted by Umair Abbasi on Dec. 29, 2011 in Technology

The Background

HostGator had been the host for  a few of my sites for the past of couple of years now. Great service, love the ability to chat with a rep 24/7, and  the hosting is great. A bit on the pricey side, was paying close to $14 something a month.

I am going to try to write this post as unbiasedly as possible and let everyone come to their own conclusions. What I do want to say is I take customer service or the lack of it personally and really don’t have patience for services that are available by the truckloads.

The HostGator Black Friday 2011 Promotion

HostGator had a BlackFriday promotion back in 2010. Don’t exactly remember the fine details of the promotion but remember them offering a significant discount. So I went ahead and bought the deal and added the package on top of my existing package I already had with HostGator. I was later notified by HostGator that the BlackFriday promotion was only for new customers and they can’t sell me the hosting package for the promotional price.

I thought to my self it would have been nice to know that if they made it someplace clear on their promotion. Something along the lines of “existing customers do not qualify.” Simple, easy, and maybe a link for those who want more answers being existing customers. But there wasn’t one.

Anyways, cancelled the purchase got the refund and continued my original package with HostGator.

Fast forward to 2011, and it’s Black Friday promotions again. This time got on live chat with the sales rep, asked if I could purchase the Black Friday promotion and cancel my existing package after I have moved my site over to the new promotional package. Got an affirmative yes on that. Was excited that the promotional goodness was being shared with existing customers. What a cool company!

Month later finally found the time to sit and go through the painful process of migrating all my sites over to the new package. Took me an entire day plus some downtime (DNS propogation). But finally had it done and was ready to cancel my old package with HostGator since I moved everything to my new package.

Opened a support ticket to cancel my old package and set off to vacation. Only to receive a e-mail that I am required to keep all packages active till the end date of the new package to keep the discounted price. What? Why would I want two similar hosting packages running simultaneously only to pay double the price of the other?

To keep a long story short, dumped HostGator and am now a customer of DreamHost. Have heard good things about them across the board on the Internet and am looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with them.

P.S. They have an offer for one year hosting plus domain name for $9.24. And I haven’t received any communication about having to scratch my head a certain way to keep the promotion. Thanks DreamHost!

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