Posted by Umair Abbasi on Feb. 1, 2008 in Fashion

3 weeks to graduation I couldn’t decide whether I should go out and buy a suit or just search online and find some decent offers. During my quest for a good suit online I came across this new start up company called Indochino. As usual before doing business with any new company online I did a back ground check, where they are located, reviews, prices, domain check, all turned out to be legit.

I was sold just by the easy navigation of the web site, the story about how two college students got together and started up the company, how the measurements are sent to China and then cut by trained tailors under the supervision of a master tailor. I was even further sold by the reasonable prices, the $25 cash back you get in case you have to get your suit altered, and the no questions asked refund policy. No questions asked, just return your unworn suit in a certain number of days for a FULL refund.

I made the jump, plus hey, if I didn’t like it, there is always the no questions asked refund policy. Got my self measured using their online video on how to measure as a guide. Fed in my measurements into their well designed form. Ordered my suit.

Couple of weeks later, here it is. All I have to say is, Awesome, just awesome. Have received nothing but compliments, and questions on where I purchased it from? Most of my friends couldn’t believe it was an online purchase.

If you are looking for a nice decent suit, and want it tailored as per your measurements, Indochino is most certainly the way to go. Will be ordering another soon.

UPDATE x1: The CEO and co-founder of Indochino came across my blog about their company and sent me the following email:

“Hello Umair, My name is Kyle Vucko, I am the Co-Founder and CEO of Indochino. Thank you very much for your great blog post! I was just notified of it via google alerts last night, it really made my day! It is actually pretty funny. When we were writing the business plan, we envisioned scripts of what a satisfied customer might say, and they were happily similar to your write up. I would love any additional feedback you could send my way, good and bad, always trying to make things better for the client you know! Also, what is a domain search? And finally (sorry for the 21 Q’s) where did you find us first?
Anyway, hope you are having a great weekend, look forward to hearing from you soon, Kyle
PS> How is the Boston? It is one of my favorites suits personally!”

If you are looking for a personalized suit and a customer service like no other, visit


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