The California morning on my walk to work.

Love on the Morning Walk

Posted by Umair Abbasi on Nov. 7, 2018 in Life

On most occasions when the spirts are up or are needing to be up, when I want to enjoy the pleasure of music, or just missing the sun touching my face, I decide to walk to work. It's a liberating experience. A smile on the face, brushing my palm against the non-prickly plants, and breathing in that delicious morning air.

This morning as I was walking there was this young couple walking in-front of me holding hands, whispering sweet little somethings to each other, she when opportunity rested her head on his shoulder, it was beautiful. After what it seemed like a stretch of a 5 min walk they approached the road intersection. He pressed the button for the walk signal and then turned his attention to her. She raised her self up slightly on her toes and he bowed his head down to give each other what appeared to be a parting kiss.

They both smiled, and as if timed to perfection let go of each others hands. As she walked back toward me, she had the most genuine happiness on her face, turning around three times as the missing had already sunk-in and while he turned around feeling the same and to make sure she was safe, and that she was okay.

To find pockets of time for love. Sigh.

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