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Posted by Umair Abbasi on Feb. 17, 2008 in Technology

Instructions on setting up your own MacPro or Mac OS X running PC/Laptop (aka Hackintosh).

Notice you will or may lose all your data attempting this install. Backup everything important before attempting this installation. Second before you go ahead with this procedure check whether your hardware is compatible here.

You will need the kalyway installation setup. The torrent can be downloaded from here. Once you have the torrent completely downloaded to your computer, burn the ISO to a DVD.

Next insert the Kalyway DVD into your computer and reboot. Make sure you can boot from a DVD. When the computer starts booting up from the DVD you will be given an option to press F8 to enable more options. Press F8 and in the result prompt type: -vanilla (notice the “-” before vanilla). Press Enter.

It will take some time for the computer to boot from the DVD. About 20 minutes. Be patient. If you feel the computer is frozen and have waited for quite a bit of time more than 20 minutes then unfortunately your computer is not compatible for the Leopard installation.

If you reach the screen where you select your language, go ahead and select english and go on to the next screen. On the next screen you will notice a task bar on the top. From that task bar go to Utilities -> Disk Utility. Under Disk Utility delete all partitions and create a Mac OS Extended (Journaled) partition. On the same window you will see an option button. Please press that and make sure the partition you are creating is MBR and NOT GUID. Apparently GUID is a bit tricky to boot up after installing Mac OS X.

If you have successfully created a MBR Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) partition you may now exit from Disk utility. You will be brought back to the setup screen. Press continue.. continue.. keep going until you reach the Install button. STOP.

Do NOT press Install yet. Click on customize. You will be given a window with a few options to check mark. Check mark the first option (something about the kernel), and on the last one check mark the MBR option and NOT the GUID option.

Thats it. Press Install. Once its finished installing, go ahead and restart your computer. Before your computer starts booting up from the restart make sure you remove the Kalyway DVD from your DVD drive.

If everything went smoothly you should be now booting into Mac OS X Leopard. If not you probably have incompatible hardware.

Once in Leopard check your display resolution. If it is too low and you believe your graphics card in combination with your Monitor supports a higher resolution, then, the proper graphics card driver is not installed.

You can search on Google for your particular graphic cards driver. Search with kext as an option. For instance NVIDIA kexts.

For further troubleshooting information, check at the best source to find all information about this topic here.

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