Horses by a jogging track in Utrecht, Netherlands
Caption: Horses by a jogging track in Utrecht, Netherlands

My fascination with horses

Posted by Umair Abbasi on Sept. 26, 2018 in Life

I have always been fascinated by the magical presence of horses. Something about their eyes piercing through your soul when they look at you, and their sheer natural beauty. There is this scene in a George Clooney movie called Michael Clayton, where Clooney stops his car when he spots a herd of three horses standing on a short hill. He walks upto them and looks at them while they look back as if they understand, that they know, and there is a connection. Not giving away too much about the movie but the entire scene is connected to this book Clooney's son, Henry is reading called, "Realm and Conquest."

Mark Hughes wrote it best on Quora describing the entire scene.

"The book represents the search for truth, faith and belief in the pursuit of what one feels is true. This represents justice, and the battle between those who have come to learn a great and fundamental truth that must be exposed, and those who refuse to believe (because they are unable or unwilling) or who seek to keep others from believing (and thus who seek to subvert justice). The right thing to do, is to do the right thing. The question in the film is, will Michael do the right thing or not?"

What reminded me of the horses this morning

As I walked into work this morning as early as I usually do, there were some folks cleaning our interior windows. I got into a conversation with Sal (short for Salvadore) who was supervising the work. You see our conversation went from the drought conditions that happen in California, to water preservation, to how Sal used to own three horses of his own and how it was difficult to keep them hydrated in water shortages.

He would raise the horses from as little as ponies to fully bred horses and sell them. He described himself as one who was born in the city and raised in the city (something I am too familiar with). Raising horses and cows was something that was in his blood from his past family history. I had so many questions to ask but didn't want to take too much of his time.

You see, Sal described to me how his horses would recognize him from miles away just by the sound of his truck. They would look up and seek him out. And once they spot the truck they would show signs of pure happiness. Imagine these big strong magical animals showing the happiness of a child. On how the horses would nudge him using their nose when he is standing infront of them or seek for an Apple or a candy by observing his hands.

Sal ended our conversation with his generous offer to assist in any way he can if I ever do go in my unplanned direction of retiring on a ranch with a few horses. But also my immediate self interest now in learning more and spending more time with them. Being in the vicinity of easily accessible sources of training on riding a horse, caring, and just spending time with them. I may just be chatting with Sal here soon on some referrals to do just that.


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