Amsterdam from the plane.

Rome to Amsterdam

Posted by Umair Abbasi on July 14, 2017 in Travel

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It wasn't that long ago in April 2017 when Humza (cousin) and I floated an idea about doing a short Europe tour. If I remember correctly, it was over one of our numerous casual conversations while sipping a banana date milkshake in Lahore, Pakistan. It was warm. Gosh was it warm.

And here we are. Two months in and we are about to land in Amsterdam. These crisp clean patches of land laid out in hues of green.

It's cold. My brown leather jacket back in Rome would have liked this weather. We have a 15 minute train ride to our Airbnb in Utrecht. But I guess its not a vacation if you are on a schedule. So the exploring begins with our 10KG luggage in-hand. Atleast my luggage has wheels. Poor Humza.

Humza at the I am Amsterdam sign outside the Amsterdam airport

Humza at the I Amsterdam sign outside the airport.

The lanes for the cars are so narrow. It's just a single lane for a car with two lanes on either side for bicycles. So this is what a bicycle city looks like. There are piles and piles of bikes around the canal. So many bikes parked around town.

Note to self. Do not casually walk in the bicycle lanes and always look for bicycles in both directions before crossing. You may get run over! :-)

P.S. Leaving out chunks of stories for coffee conversations ;-)


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