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Why not Google Duplex it?

Posted by Umair Abbasi on Nov. 27, 2018 in Technology

Google Duplex is a neat example of how far Google has taken natural language AI. It isn't just the language but even the natural sounding voice where it has become difficult for a human to ascertain if the conversation they are having is with an AI bot as shown by some of the Google Duplex sound demo files.

My first instinct was this is great for natural language AI but the demo opened a thought for another different kind of opportunity. Why duplex between a computer and a human? Let the AI duplex it out! A new kind of scheduling software where the human tells its AI bot available times they would like to get a haircut and then let the AI schedule it instantaneously by available times set by the hairdressers AI bot. Same concept for a restaurant reservation, business meetings, dentist appointments, anything that requires two things to be available scheduling wise.

The concept can save thousands of minutes spent scheduling appointments and won't require a bot to sound like a human.


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